McKinley Financial Services provides group benefits insurance plans and financial services to groups of all sizes ranging from two to thousands of employees. Included in those core benefits are Group Medical, Life, Disability, Long-term Care, Dental, Vision, and Legal plans. In addition, Group Qualified and Non-qualified Pension and Retirement plans are available. McKinley Financial represents over 100 major insurance carriers which give us leverage when it comes to presenting affordable options to our clients.

The most efficient and economical approach for each client is selected from the conventional Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Point of Service (POS), and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) markets. A combination of plans is used when appropriate.

McKinley Financial’s Group Benefits Division is separated into 4 segments – Small Accounts, Prime Accounts, Key Accounts, and Government and Municipalities Accounts. Through these specialized segments or departments, the Company can provide customized, tailor-made products and services to each potential client.

Small Accounts: 2 – 50 Employees
The Small Accounts segment’s center of attention is on employers that have a business to run and offer company-assisted benefits to its employees. If your company seems to have problems meeting the administrative needs required to manage benefits, McKinley Financial could handle this function for you.

Prime Accounts: 51 – 300 Employees
Prime Accounts’ representative’s concern is service to employers with medium to high employee populations. This client tends to have a Human Resources department that also manages the administration of employee benefits and may need a little assistance in that area. That’s where McKinley Financial steps in. The McKinley Financial consultant’s efforts are concentrated on assisting with the more complex details of employee benefits administration.

Key Accounts: 300 – 1,000 Employees
The Key Accounts department is mainly involved with employers that have large employee counts. These companies need carriers that can accommodate the employee’s needs through technology and direct service as well as through strong broker involvement. If you are in this category, you may benefit from the services of a consulting partner like McKinley Financial Services.

Government and Municipalities Accounts
The Government and Municipalities Accounts subdivision specializes in meeting the needs of the public sector. This sector has many variables that must be dealt with. Various and sundry regulations must be taken into consideration when procuring and administering employee benefits. Given the fact that McKinley Financial Services has years of experience with many clients in this category, the Company is well equipped to handle the variables and allow the client to deal with other day-to-day responsibilities.



Group Medical Coverage
Group Partially Self-funded Medical
Long-term Disability
Long-term Care Dental
Securities/Financial Planning
Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan)
Hospital Indemnity
Group Life
Short-term Disability
Cancer/Critical Illness
Key Person Coverage



Benefit Analysis
Carrier Selection
Renewal Negotiations
Contract Review Annual
Benefit Booklets
Compliance Services

Procurement Services
RFP Services
Enrollment Services
Employee Surveys
Funding Arrangements
Other Analyses

Medical – allows employees and covered dependents access to both preventive and wellness screenings and medical care for illnesses when necessary.

Dental – allows employees and covered dependents to have good oral health care that, when not managed, can lead to other health issues.

Vision – allows employees and covered dependents to manage vision health through regular screenings and check-ups.

Life – allows the employee to provide for loved ones when s/he has passed on.

Disability – income protection allows the employee to have a flow of income even when not able to work.

Long-term Care – allows the employee to ease the burden of care in the event they become unable to function independently.

Work Site Voluntary Insurance (Cancer, Critical Illness, Accident, Hospital) – allows the employee to purchase additional income protection coverage in the event of specific illnesses, injuries, and/or hospital confinement.






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