Group Benefit Plans and Insurance That Meets Your Goals !

McKinley Insurance Services, provides group benefits plans and insurance services to all sizes of employer groups ranging from two employees to thousands. Our Group Benefits Division is segmented into 3 categories (Small, large, and government and municipalities). In the Group Division, we provide customized services to each segment and to each employer. Over 100 insurance carriers are represented which give us expanded leverage when presenting affordable insurance solutions to our clients.
After a strategic analysis of your benefits service needs, McKinley Insurance Services would provide the right combination of services so that you can focus on growing your business while we help you provide the most affordable and comprehensive benefits package available to your employees.

Group Benefits Services:

Benefit Analysis
Procurement Services
Carrier Selection
RFP Services
Renewal Negotiations
Enrollment Services
Contract Review
Annual Employee Surveys
Benefit Booklets
Funding Arrangements Analysis
Compliance Services

Group Benefits Products:

Medical Coverage including
Life Insurance
Long-term Care
RFP Services
Cancer/Critical Illness
Key Person Coverage
Partially Self-Funded Medical Plan
Long-Term Disability
Short term Disability
Dental Vision
Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan)
Legal Insurance

Small Group (2-50 employees)

The small group segment focus is on employers that have a business to run and, in their best effort, provide company-supported benefits to its employees. Your employer group tends to have a difficult time meeting the administration needs required to manage benefits. McKinley Insurance Services would primarily manage this function for you.

Large Group (51+ employees)

The large group segment focuses on employers with medium to large employee populations. Employer with this size group typically have a human resources department that manages the day-to-day administration of employee benefits. Your employer group tend to need moderate to more considerable involvement on the part of your consultant. The consultant’s efforts are utilized to assist with the more complex matters regarding employee benefits administration. This size employer also prefers carriers that can accommodate the employees’ needs through technology and direct service along with strong broker involvement. McKinley Insurance Services has the expertise and relationships with carrier providers to make this task a normal flow of business.

Government and Municipal Entity:

The Government and Municipalities segment specializes in the meeting the needs of the public sector. This sector has many variables that have to be met. There are regulations that must be regarded when procuring and administering employee benefits. McKinley Insurance Services has several clients in this arena and is equipped to work with government and municipal entities in order to alleviate these factors so that you can focus on everyday functions of the governing body.

Benefit Analysis
Benefits Consulting
Benefit Guides
Cafeteria Plans
Employee Surveys
Enrollment Services
Flexible Benefits Programs
Group Life and Disability
Group Medical Coverage
Legal Insurance
Medical coverage for part-time employees
Pension Plans
Plan Design/Benchmarking
RFP Services
Travel Accident Coverage
Voluntary Insurance Plans
Worksite Benefits
Payroll Services