McKinley Insurance Services is committed to enhancing the lives of our employees, our community and society as a whole.  It is our responsibility as a business to give back to the world as it gives to us.  We are a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.


We encourage our staff members to volunteer.  We individually, and as a team are involved in various non-profit boards and community organizations.  We participate in fundraising for various causes and we are active in community events.

Protecting the Environment: 

Recycling, conserving energy and utilizing environmentally friendly supplies and technologies when available.


We are open to suggestions and listen to ideas.  Our company continually seeks methods to improve the way we do business.

The McKinley Team believes that we are here not only to serve our clients but also to serve our community.  In an effort to continue to serve where we live and work, McKinley has recently partnered with the Lighthouse of Broward to provide practical job training to blind or Visually Impaired persons seeking to become self-sufficient, wage-earners again.  Below is an article written by the Lighthouse of Broward about our support of this program.


In August 2021, the Lighthouse of Broward expanded its Ready to Work program by offering our clients work experience services. The work experience is a new way in which we are able to provide clients looking for jobs the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to work. The Work Experience offers clients an 8 to 12 weeks on-the-job training option that supports for adapting to a new work environment, coaching, safety, advocacy, resources, a paid stipend, exposure to employers, and above all the confidence to believe they can be independent and purposeful again.   These goals and opportunity greatly rely on businesses like McKinley Insurance saying yes to partnering with us.

McKinley Insurance, a longtime supporter of the Lighthouse, became one of the first businesses to promptly join this new initiative offering to facilitate a work experience to one of our clients looking to rebuild her administrative career. Michelle Nichols was placed at McKinley Insurance in November on a 12-week internship as an office assistant working both remotely and at the office.  Michelle provides clerical work for the company, manages business contact database, stocks and organizes supplies, files, and manages documentation. She had been out of the workforce for about 6 years and needed a place that would allow her to regain her strengths, face her workplace fears, and pursue her employment goals. McKinley Insurance became that place. With the caring and gentle hand of the entire staff willing to guide her along the way, Michelle has learned that vision loss does not mean dream loss. She can work independently again and that fuels her hopes of being able to find a job and become a self-sufficient, contributing member in the community again.

The Lighthouse of Broward is grateful to McKinley for the opportunity it has provided Michelle and the way they are helping us decrease the 70% unemployment rate of those in the visual impairment community.

The Lighthouse of Broward is fully accredited by The National Accreditation Council for Blind and Low Vision Services (NAC), and is a member of the VisionServe Alliance, as well as the Florida Association of Agencies Serving the Blind. The Lighthouse of Broward County is a United Way partner agency. Funding is partially provided by the State of Florida Division of Blind Services. Additional funding required to meet the Lighthouse of Broward’s annual budget is provided through an individual, corporation, and foundation grants. We maintain the highest ratings at both Guidestar and Charity Navigator.  Find out more about how you can help support the organization’s important mission visit



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