For over 21 years, McKinley Financial Services has provided specialized insurance plans for colleges, K-12 students, athletes, as well as special risk groups. Licensed in more than 40 states, our excusive programs are marketed throughout the United States.

McKinley Financial is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverages to a variety of special risk clients. A myriad of comprehensive insurance plans have been developed to specifically cover the inherent risks involved in each product offered. It is especially designed for our clients to help eliminate the financial and emotional burdens a group can incur as a result of a lawsuit or a participant’s injury claim.

Whether you are looking for a small accident policy or a large liability package, you will work with dedicated specialists whose sole responsibility is to deliver innovative programs that meet all of your special needs.

Insurance coverages provided under this division include, but are not limited to:

Youth Sports Accident and Liability Coverage
College Student Health Plans
Intercollegiate Sports Accident Insurance
K-12 Student Accident Insurance
Sports Camp/Non-sports Camp/Conferences/Clinics
Martial Arts School/Studios Accident/Liability Coverage
Special Events
Sport Facilities
Dance Studio Accident/Liability Coverage
Boxing/Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts
Wedding Insurance Program
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