Experienced agents provide a complete portfolio of life, health, and retirement products for individuals.A financial review is conducted with a goal of protecting each family and their assets. Agents have access to an array of products tailored to meet each client’s personal financial needs such as disability, mortgage protection, and Tax Sheltered Annuities. Estate Planning services are also available upon request.

A few of the products we offer through the Individual Life and Health Division:

Life Insurance                                      Health Insurance                               Retirement Planning
Whole Life                                           Medical Coverage                                    Fixed Annuities
Term Life                                             Dental Insurance                                     Variable Annuities
Universal Life                                     Long-Term Care                                       Tax Sheltered Annuities
Indexed Life                                       Disability Income                                      IRA’s ,401(K)
Mortgage Protection                       Temporary Medical
Survivorship                                      Medicare Supplement
Youth & Senior Life                          Medicare Advantage









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