McKinley Insurance Services offers services to corporations, non-profits and governmental entities alike. This service benefits the client by allowing their human resources staff to focus on the more pressing daily duties of the department and organization.

While each assignment we receive has unique aspects, our overall approach includes:

A. Specifications

Experienced in writing RFPs and bid specifications for benefits and property and casualty insurance, McKinley Insurance Services has the background to develop and write specifications that are clear and understandable to the carriers and proposers.

B. Benefits Survey

Organizations should perform an annual Employee Benefit Review. This review would entail determining appropriate levels of coverage for all employees and the need for additional employer-paid and voluntary programs. This procedure ensures the placement of cost effective coverage’s and aids in the retention of employees.

C. Risk Survey

All organizations should have a risk survey performed. This would identify areas where the firm may be vulnerable. A risk survey is particularly important where a large, uninsured loss could threaten the continuation of the firm.

D. Monitoring

Once an insurance program is in place, adjustment to changes with the client and its customers, as well as changes in the marketplace, may call for program revision. McKinley Insurance Services would perform these functions.

E. Claims Assistance

In addition to these consulting services, McKinley Insurance Services would assist the client in preparing and submitting claims.



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