healthcarereform  Even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has now been fully implemented, we anticipate continual re-interpretations and modifications to the Act. Bottom line: We are here to guide you through these changes.

Our Advisors help you make the right decisions by assessing your business and providing you with an overview:

Full in-depth audit of your current plans in relation to new laws/regulations:

  • Controlled Group Determination and Exposure
  • Applicable Large Employer Determination
  •  Measuring Full-Time Equivalency
  • Determination of Shared Responsibility Exposure
  • Determination/Measurement Periods for:

* Full-Time Employees
* Variable Hour Employees
* Season Employees

  • Affordability Calculator (Employee Portion of Premium ≤ 9.5%)
  • Metal Level Equivalency/ Minimum Value/ Actuarial Value of Current Medical Plan(s)
  • Wellness Strategies under ACA Minimizing exposure under ACA Education on Affordable Care Act and impact (High-Level)

Plan funding arrangement exploration and strategies:

  •  Defined Contribution/ Private Exchange
  • Level-Funding
  •  Partial Self-funding

Other Services Include:

  • Employee Needs Analysis
  • Needs Pairing Assessment
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Plan Document Creation


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